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ErfurtWiki is a fast, user-friendly, and highly configurable hypertext management system. It can store its pages and binary content with MySQL, PEARDB/dbx/ADOdb, dba/dbm, PHP-RPC, or flat file databases. It stands out from similar Wiki implementations in that it allows very easy integration into existing Web sites, features case-insensitive WikiLinks, extensive CSS support, multiple admin tools, is not GPLed, and includes documentation. There are over 200 extension plugins, but everything could still be compacted into one core "library" for easier installation and handling. It is useful for larger sites as well as lightweight backend for private homepages, due to its simple image uploading feature.


Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2005 18:08

    Release Notes: This incremental update brings multiple bugfixes and introduces plugin meta files with a new console setup tool. A second documentation collection was added. Overhauled and new plugins provide basic WebDAV support, man page exporting, database multiplexing, diffs in safe_mode, CAPTCHAs, saner RSS parsing, anacron, PHP5 emulation, TeX, link targets=, per-page editing messages and help text, error and debug notices in HTTP headers, rel=nofollow attributes for fresh links, very effective but unintrusive anti-spam blocking mechanisms, XML User Profiles, and fixed email address protection.

    •  27 Aug 2004 21:04

      Release Notes: This major release brings many changes and additions. It includes a much cooler database interface, enables PATH_INFO, is E_NOTICE cleaner, brings structural changes in distribution, better CSS page fragmentation and excessive typecasting for PHP5 compatibility. It adds a general WikiApi interface with PingBack, XmlRpc, OpenSearch, WikiSync with PHP-RPC, the WikiCommander (Web-based NC-clone), banned and blocked links, QuickDiff action, RSS/Atom feeds, BlogMpi, cron scripts, RefererLog, XFN, a TeX plugin, new page flags _minor, _hidden and _archive, and a huge number of fixes.

      •  25 Jul 2004 05:46

        Release Notes: This intermediate release contains a few bugfixes and new add-ons but is not yet worth any upgrade hassle. It adds some XHTML tweaks, excessive typecasting for PHP5, User- Agent logging, enhances {meta} data use, and makes the core more E_NOTICE clean. PATH_INFO was reenabled on Apache, URLs got more configurable and CSS classes fragment pages better. New plugins provide quickdiff, XmlRpcToWiki, refererlog, RSS/Atom feeds with TCN, BannedLinks, blog support, edit lock/warn, XFN, mpi_addlink and abbreviation braces, and MimeTeX markup. Some page plugins were moved into core or became StaticPages.

        •  21 May 2004 01:17

          Release Notes: Many new additions and enhancements were made. The formatting kernel was stabilized and thoroughly tested, documentation was overhauled, and Dutch page translations and a new faster flat file database backend were added. Licensing issues were fixed, and the new plugins included: acronym markup, .zip database, fpage_logo, aedit_templates, imgfile_naming, subwiki, instanturls, meta data (framework), UseMod/MM-like RecentChanges, "raw" action, markup plugins, reworked mpi and liveuser plugin sets, and simplified external link titles. Many code fixes and internal API changes were made.

          •  09 Feb 2004 00:44

            Release Notes: This is an unfinished development release. The renewed markup/formatting kernel is not believed to be bug free. Existing installations needed to be updated, because the plugins/ directory was restructured. Various bugs were fixed, mainly within the database interface. New extensions include SearchAndReplace, TextUpload with limited OpenOffice support, caching, HTTP conditional requests, table of content generation, AppendOnly-pages, a tour plugin, autolinking (GaGaParser), instant URLs, PublicallyEditableIntermap, ASCII art tables, free AuthorName setting, and InterMapWalking support.


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