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Evolution RSS Reader Plugin

The Evolution RSS Reader Plugin enables support for RSS feeds in the Evolution mail reader.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jul 2010 13:09

    Release Notes: Adding feeds with authentication was fixed. A crash on cancelling imports was also fixed. Showing images in feed comments was fixed. Feed editing and folder renaming were fixed. The OPML import process was rewritten. Media extensions are now handled properly. Browser zoom controls were added. Feeds with missing title, author, or broken enclosure entry are supported. OPML export now supports folders property. Inline images were fixed when emailing RSS articles in Evolution. Expiry of cached objects was implemented. An auto-resize option was added for images. Support for Evolution without Bonobo was added.

    •  26 Aug 2009 13:18

      Release Notes: A new option was added to remove articles that are no longer present in the feed. An individual feed refresh option was added via a feed's folder. Feed operations were added in the right click menu. Evolution's proxy support is used for network. Support for feed icons was improved. Support was added for displaying feed categories and tags. Support was added for feed comments. Support for adding feeds from local files was added. Handling of time interval in the refresh function was improved. Dark themes are supported. Support was added for replying or forwarding of feed articles. Support for cookies and importing cookies from browsers was added.

      •  31 Oct 2008 17:58

        Release Notes: This release adds Back and Forward operations for browsing. It correctly handles browser stop requests. It adds asearch for XML feeds in page content. It adds type-ahead ability to search through the feeds list. It fixes detection of duplicated feeds and canceling currently read feeds. It fixes Summary content unreadable with dark themes. Mail filters now work for Evolution-RSS articles. An image cache was implemented. Support has been added for the feeds icon (requires Evolution >= 2.24). Initial implementation of a notification-area icon. Support for FOAF files. XULRunner has been migraded to standalone Glue, and Gecko is correctly shut down.

        •  02 Jul 2008 11:27

          Release Notes: Support for TTL was added. Slow article deletion was fixed. The add/edit dialog was redesigned. The move folder and rename operations were fixed. UTF8 content displaying was fixed. Usage of evolution's proxy options was implemented. Persistent storage for feed images was implemented. Feed articles may now be forwarded or replayed. Java and JavaScript were enabled and network timeout options were added. Support for xulrunner-1.9 was added. The newer Webkit API is supported. A send and receive dialog crash was fixed. Verbose debug support was added. ATOM as well as XML elements and text nodes are now correctly parsed.

          •  03 Mar 2008 16:38

            Release Notes: This version was ported to libsoup-2.4. Libxul support was added. UTF-8 parsing was added in gtkhtml. More checks when using xulrunner were added. The XML parser parameter substitution was changed in order to correctly parse links in an article. Several ATOM parsing problems were fixed. CDATA is no longer parsed when using gtkhtml. Auto-increment when adding feeds with the same name and editing of feeds were fixed. Auth dialog and proxy settings were fixed. Non-intrusive errors and reading feeds as task bar operations were added. The parsed date is now validated against RFC822.


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