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Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise

Linux Event Logging for the Enterprise provides a platform independent event logging facility for the Linux operating system and Linux applications. It offers capabilities and features required in medium-to-large enterprise-class systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Mar 2005 18:40

    Release Notes: This release adds architectures, including Opteron and ARM. It adds new capabilities such as a log analyzer. An enhanced notification system. Many bugfixes.

    •  14 Dec 2002 06:15

      Release Notes: Plug-in capabilities were added to allow customized event handlers to be used. Plug-ins are provided for forwarding events from multiple hosts to a centralized event consolidation host. The evlview command now displays the hostname, a new syslogat() user-space logging macro was added, -q and --nmeqval options were added to evlview, and a -F, --force option was added to evlfacility. Several formatting template changes and additions were made, and a HOW TO document was written.

      •  27 Aug 2002 07:36

        Release Notes: Fixed all potential buffer overruns caused by sprintf, and stopped malicious users from using all of evlogd's socket descriptors. Performance improvements were made in posix_log_write(), and the maxsd computation routine was fixed for when clients disconnect. posix_log_notify_* functions are now thread safe. evlnotifyd no longer dies (SIGSEGV) when evlogd stops and a client attempts to register a notification request. The "Enhanced printk" feature no longer requires a second patch.

        •  12 Jun 2002 16:49

          Release Notes: The log manager can delete, compact, and truncate logs to manage the overall disk space required for logs, replacing the use of logrotate. Enhancements were made to printk (available only for kernel version 2.4.18). Events with certain severities are committed to physical disk before event notification is sent. Several new options and fixes for the evlview command were implemented. Two new log_flags values were added to the event record: EVL_INTERRUPT and EVL_PRINTK_MESSAGE.

          •  13 Mar 2002 17:46

            Release Notes: Facility code generation and registration have been improved. Formatting templates enhancements have been made. The use of get_cmos_time() for obtaining log_time for the initial bootup events has been eliminated for portability.


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