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EVBU simulates the execution of a 68HC11 microcontroller as well as the BUFFALO monitor program that provides a command line interface to executing and debugging programs. A graphical waveform panel allows simulation of 68HC11 peripherals like timers, input capture, etc. Additional features include symbolic debugging and cycle counting.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Mar 2002 21:15

    Release Notes: EVBU is now a graphical program, although it retains the BUFFALO command-line interface. A major enhancement is the addition of a waveform I/O panel for simulating many of the 68HC11 peripherals such as the timers, output compares, input captures, etc.

    •  11 May 2000 23:42

      Release Notes: Fixes for the implementation of the ROL, ROR, DAA, and FDIV instructions, Unix support for INCHAR/INPUT, and other minor changes.

      •  29 Feb 2000 17:23

        Release Notes: A bug fix has been made in the HEXBIN service routine, a klugy fix has been added for calling INCHAR and having the ENTER key (if pressed) show up on the command line and re-execute the last command, and PSHB/PSHW commands have been added for pushing data onto the stack.


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