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ether2dns converts a list of hostname-to-ethernet MAC addresses into DNS AAAA (and reverse) records for IPv6, assuming "stateless address auto-configuration".

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Recent releases

  •  13 Jan 2011 14:05

    Release Notes: RFC2606 example domains and RFC3849 example domains are used even for the test in Makefile.nobsd.

    •  13 Jan 2011 14:02

      Release Notes: A long-standing bug was fixed in which MAC addresses with a non-decimal first digit weren't recognized. The test was changed to use RFC3849 documentation prefix and RFC2606 example domains.

      •  19 Dec 2007 14:33

        Release Notes: The switch "-R" was changed to create entries for The "-N" switch was added to create "". However, the latter is documented as deprecated and will go away soon. $(SHAR) was introduced in the Makefiles.

        •  12 Jan 2001 22:29

          Release Notes: Ether2dns version 1.1 adds generation of A6 records, although it doesn't yet provide the generation of bitstring labels for reverse resolution.

          •  08 Jan 2001 15:57

            Release Notes: This patch makes the debug mode (dumping core on syntax errors if -v is given) conditionally compiled on -DEBUGLEVEL. Also, some debug output is better formatted.

            Recent comments

            19 Dec 2007 10:50 ignatiossouvatzis

            Re: AAAA records
            A6 has been moved back to experimental by RFC 3363 (
            ether2dns still supports it (for experimentors), but for normal usage, you should used AAAA.


            15 Aug 2001 14:59 ignatiossouvatzis

            Re: AAAA records
            Actually, both AAAA and A6 are still on the standard track of the IETF decision process. It is not clear whether A6 will replace AAAA - there is some strong opposition to it.

            08 Jan 2001 05:41 ignatiossouvatzis

            Re: AAAA records
            Yes, and I've already prepared it for A6. However, as we don't have yet a non-beta bind9, therefore not deployed at Bonn University CS deprt., I can't easily test A6 and friends right now, which is why I didn't implement it yet.

            05 Jan 2001 14:38 sneakums

            AAAA records

            To the best of my knowledge, AAAA records are now deprecated, and A6 records are to be used instead.


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