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EsounD mixes multiple digitized audio streams and samples together for playback by a single audio device. It also allows monitoring of mixed output, and recording. Network connections to the daemon are supported as well.


Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2004 14:03

    Release Notes: MMAP support was added for esddsp. GNU/kFreeBSD support was added. New default_options were added in the configuration file and environment variable. The ALSA default alias is used. The code was cleaned.

    •  02 Mar 2004 04:08

      Release Notes: The new ALSA PCM API is used, if it is available. Building on AIX, OSF, and Darwin was fixed. The program no longer tries to close the audio device if it is not opened. Building with the latest version of automake was fixed, so version 1.4 of automake is no longer required. A typo in the manpage was fixed. A crash which occurred when AUDIODEV doesn't contain "/" was fixed.

      •  03 Sep 2003 18:19

        Release Notes: The build process has been fixed when IPv6 is disabled. Missing files in the tarball have been fixed.

        •  01 Aug 2003 18:08

          Release Notes: IPv6 support, Cygwin support, Mac OS X CoreAudio support, always reads the esd config file (not just when auto-spawning), prevents drop-outs for hardware allowing low period_size (ALSA), fixes man pages, has major code cleanup, ensures esd_open_audio succeeds if interrupted, allows 0 as an auto-standby value, allows simultaneous play and record on Solaris, and adds support for session names to esdcat.

          •  20 Sep 2002 06:58

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            15 Mar 2004 16:42 petra

            Re: command line wav player

            > is there a command line wav player that
            > supports esd?
            > i know that
            > play filename.wav
            > works but doesn't support esd

            Yes, try esdplay, it comes in the esound package.

            15 Mar 2004 13:32 wimpunk

            esd.conf documentation
            I want to use my two soundcards (one for system sounds, one for movies, mp3's,...) so I was searching how to configure esound to do the job. Is there any documentation about esd.conf and on how to make it working.
            Can someone help me?

            10 Jan 2004 15:17 u326

            Transmit Sound from Linux to Windows

            For all vnc users who missed sound output ESD could be a solution.

            I wrote a howto for transmitting sound from a linux server to the windows client.


            24 Jul 2002 02:38 martinix

            Re: eaisly, make all sound apps use esd!
            I'm not such well informed if such things are work in progress but wouldn't there be a possibility of doing the thing above well (so that q3 works while mp3blaster is playing) in the way that esd is set behind /dev/dsp (means setting up some pipe behind it leading to the esd) and everything wich is accessing /dev/dsp is in reality talking to esd?

            only problem may be that you would need root-privileges on the machine to set it up...

            anyone knows if they are working on sth. like this?

            sorry for the bad english... :-)

            ru Martinix

            07 Apr 2002 19:11 ivan5242

            Re: Still developed

            > The website of this project seems a
            > little outdated. Is esound still
            > actively developed?

            Yes, it is being developed but doesn't have a homepage. Ric's homepage has a (broken) version back from 1999, while the version in is from March 2002.


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