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ESMTP is a user-configurable relay-only MTA with a sendmail-compatible syntax, based on libESMTP and supporting the AUTH (including the CRAM-MD5 and NTLM SASL mechanisms) and StartTLS SMTP extensions.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Oct 2008 18:14

    Release Notes: NTLM authentication was fixed. An option to disable the Message-ID header was added.

    •  03 Sep 2007 17:19

      Release Notes: This release handles CR-LF newline endings when parsing the headers. It has a wrapper script for offline mail delivery. It documents how to get CA certificates. There are corrections to the man pages. Tips for adding missing Date: headers in messages for local delivery. A reasonable default for the reverse path is used when one is not specified, instead of an empty one. A segfault when expanding %F in the MDA string when the reverse path is not specified has been fixed.

      •  13 Mar 2005 16:05

        Release Notes: More customization to program behavior is allowed when sending mail. Bugfixes were made to the build script. General bugfixes were made.

        •  15 Nov 2003 01:38

          Release Notes: There is a new 'default' keyword for identities. Two bugs which prevented sending email when libesmtp had no OpenSSL support have been fixed. There is a new 'preconnect' keyword to execute a command prior to opening an SMTP connection. There is detailed documentation on how to use the StartTLS extension, and more verbosity on StartTLS error messages.

          •  15 Jul 2003 04:21

            Release Notes: This version fixes a bug with the input buffering which, when using the '-t' option and piping the input, caused the parsed headers to be lost. It also fixes the MDA return status which wasn't being checked and adds an esmtprc man page.


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