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ESM (Extensible System Monitor) is a daemon that lets you tie together plugins to monitor your system. For instance if you want to be emailed whenever a harddrive fails you could use the included esmsyslog plugin which would notify you of any 'emerg' syslog messages, such as a harddrive failure. If you then decide you also want to know if TripWire detects anything you can use another monitor that reports on TripWire. If you want to know if the load on your system suddenly goes up you can do that too. ESM will get the results of all of these monitors, make a system report and then send that report with a sender. All of this is done automatically, so you can get some sleep.


Recent releases

  •  02 May 2000 04:37

    Release Notes: A fix for a possible security hole in the temp file handling, lots of code cleanups, functionality on platforms other than GNU/Linux, regular expression matching of syslog messages, example configuration files that are installed by default, relocation of config files to /usr/local/esm/etc, a new ESMPing daemon monitor, ability to specify priorities by name, such as emerg, and proper killing of daemon monitors before esmd shuts down.

    •  09 Oct 1999 19:19

      Release Notes: You can now specify times in seconds, minutes, hours, or days in the config files, and ESMSysLog will now print the urgency of each message before the message.

      •  23 Sep 1999 10:47

        Release Notes: ./configure support, now comes with a monitor (ESMSysLog), multiple senders can now be defined in a single priority, the Mailreport sender now supports encryption if you have gnupg installed, a SIGUSR1 will now make esmd repoll the daemon monitors (good for emergencies like harddrive failures), one security fix (a temp file was world readable) and better process cleanup.

        •  18 Sep 1999 09:31

          Release Notes: A whole bunch of string handling bugs have been fixed, a sender, mailreport, is now included, Daemon monitors have been added, and any errors are now logged to the next system report and also syslog.

          •  13 Sep 1999 22:23

            Release Notes: First version.

            Recent comments

            12 Oct 1999 10:54 shaman

            1.0 won't compile on Solaris (or x86)
            Uses getopt_long and asprintf which are gnu-isms specifically.

            18 Sep 1999 11:09 mrd

            Download link doesn't work
            The download link on the page doesn't work, Tripod reports that the file doesn't exist. The base dir is full of "Transport Tycoon" files, some Win32 game or something.


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