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ErlyMUD is a rather minimalistic MUD server, written in Erlang and making use of the excellent OTP libraries. The aim is to have solid support for exploration and roleplaying, within a highly fault-tolerant environment where system crashes or reboots are more of an exotic curiosity than a commonplace thing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Jan 2011 18:37

    Release Notes: Online room editing is now possible through "redit" and "addexit" commands. A privilege system is in place to restrict some commands. Safer connection handling has been implemented; it now uses flow control, and TCP listener and acceptor processes are in their own supervision structure separate from "live" connections. Data files have been relocated to a top-level directory, instead of below the release version.

    •  16 Jan 2011 12:49

      Release Notes: Steve Vinoski's SHA2 module was incorporated to avoid dependency on the OTP crypto app, allowing for Windows compatibility. Basic support for telnet option negotiation was implemented according to the Q Method. Input handling now works in character mode by buffering until "\r\n" is encountered. What a successful login sequence looks like was documented.

      •  10 Jan 2011 23:34

        Release Notes: This version features rooms with brief/long descriptions, simple navigation commands, items that can be picked up and dropped, and basic social commands, say, tell, emote, and who.


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