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E*Reminders is a series of PHP scripts that interact with a MySQL database to setup email reminders for any events or occasions you'd like. It includes recurring reminders, advance notices, and password authentication for email addresses. It can be used for an entire company, as a service for Internet users on your site, or privately.


Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2003 16:15

    Release Notes: This is a multilingual version. The zip file includes English and Italian messages.

    •  01 Nov 2002 06:53

      Release Notes: A date display error in the delete results window was fixed, and the text in the default, help, and config windows was improved.

      •  27 Feb 2001 07:24

        Release Notes: Accounts older than 90 days with no pending reminders are purged automatically as part of mail.php3 functions. This took care of the one thing left in the old TODO list. Date and time default to the server time when the first page is brought up. This means the old index.html has become index.php3. New accounts are told to get their password from email and use their BACK button to set their first reminder. References to have been changed to config.php3 in INSTALL, which was also slightly simplified.

        •  26 Apr 1999 01:17

          Release Notes: Fixed a security hole where the database password and login was readable via the Internet. All previous versions are vulnerable. Please read the file UPGRADE to find out how to patch previous versions from this vulnerability.

          •  24 Apr 1999 01:14

            Release Notes: Several bugs have been fixed, the interface has been cleaned up for more consistency, time zone support has been added, install documentation has been simiplified and re-written, several mechanisms have been implemented to curb abuse including allowing users to block their E-mail address from receiving reminders, and passwords can be sent via E-mail if you forget them,

            Recent comments

            21 Feb 2002 05:06 clevasseur

            list of email to be reminded
            This project could be more interesting if it handle a group of email to be reminded. I think this could be really FUN for company to remind seminaires, réunion.


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