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ERC is an IRC client for Emacs/XEmacs. It supports multiple channel presence, elaborate faces' setup, pals' list, and some other nice features. It's capabilities should be sufficient for most of IRChatters.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2002 21:14

    Release Notes: This release has an erc-ezbounce module, an improved menu, more nickserv support (GalaxyNet and iip). Some long-standing bugs related to XEmacs have been fixed, and there are a lot of other minor bugfixes and improvements.

    •  27 May 2002 04:48

      Release Notes: This release includes the new modules erc-notify.el for online status notification, erc-netsplit.el to detect/avoid netsplit traffic, erc-list.el which provides a convenient special buffer for channel listings, erc-match.el which now contains enhanced highlighting code, and erc-chess.el for playing chess via CTCP (requires chess.el). Internal CTCP handling was revamped, the prompt is finally read-only, erc-track-modified-channels-mode was enhanced to save screen real estate, and a lot of other fixes and enhancements were made.

      •  25 Oct 2001 07:50

        Release Notes: Smiley support for XEmacs and Emacs 21, header-line support for Emacs 21, imenu support, a new command /country, and the ability to pop-up+create query buffers on private messages has been added. This version also features better highlighting, a better completion code, many minor additions, and bugfixes.

        •  22 Sep 2001 18:01

          Release Notes: This release adds customize support, nick completion, keyword highlighting, and the ability to track changes in hidden buffers in the mode-line. The dependency for edo-tools.el has been removed. Some bugs have been fixed and some interactive functions added.

          •  13 Aug 1998 19:08

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            15 Dec 2003 13:19 jufoa

            Great irc-client if you like using emacs =)


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