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ePointPGP provides limited OpenPGP functionality for Java applications and applets, using the available crypto providers rather than implementing its own. It is extremely lightweight, and functionality that is not required can be safely left out.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Apr 2005 00:04

    Release Notes: This is a feature-freeze release before 1.0. Several new features have been added and some bugs have been fixed. A workaround for buggy public key servers (such as has been implemented. Novelties: RSA key pair directly from name+passphrase, and modification detection code (as defined by RFC2440bis-12) for symmetric key encryption.

    •  04 Feb 2005 11:33

      Release Notes: In this version a large number of bugs have been fixed. Extensive testing has been performed. The API for PGP clearsigned messages has been changed to follow Java's IO model.

      •  14 Nov 2004 06:25

        Release Notes: Version 4 signatures now work properly, and experimental key generation code was added.

        •  28 Aug 2004 12:35

          Release Notes: This release adds minor cleanup and bugfixes, more focused exception handling, fixes for IO bugs, etc.

          •  07 Mar 2004 13:51

            Release Notes: All included features work according to RFC2440. Interoperability with GnuPG has been tested.


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