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23 Apr 2001 19:13 dbt

Re: My installation procedure
That's an pretty common method of ad hoc management, but it falls short on a couple counts. Pretty much any time filenames change, for example -- shared libraries, new/renamed binaries, etc.

Check out EPKG. Basically, move your /opt tree to /usr/local/encap, remove the package name symlinks (leave foo-3.1 but delete foo), and run epkg on it. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

04 Jul 1999 22:57 kyusaku

oh, btw..
as far as the gnu stow question earlier, go look at the page.
encap's copyright predates it. encap's copyright predates freshmeat itself.

14 Jun 1999 16:09 cmatsuoka

My installation procedure
I'm installing packages under /opt/package-version (using ./configure --prefix=/opt/package-version), symlinking the directory to /opt/package and then symlinking the files to /usr/local (to have them in $PATH ). So foobar 3.0 binaries are installed under /opt/foobar-3.0/bin, /opt/foobar is a symlink to /opt/foobar-3.0, and /usr/local/bin/foobar is a link to /opt/foobar/bin/foobar. When foobar 3.1 is released, I can just install it under /opt/foobar-3.1 and change /opt/foobar to point to it, and links in /usr/local are automatically updated. To uninstall, just nuke the directory from /opt and remove dangling links from /usr/local. Sounds messy, but it works quite well.

14 Jun 1999 11:35 kyusaku

gnu stow? ech.
except that the last time i checked, gnu stow didn't handle forced link removal nearly as nice as encap does. encap is robust enough to deal with most of the stuff gnu stow just chokes on.

04 Apr 1999 11:56 jackcummin

Kinda looks a lot like GNU stow...
I haven't had a chance to look at this software, but from the description, it does exactly what GNU stow does.


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