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Embedded Perl

Embedded Perl is a C++ wrapper around the Perl C API. It makes it easier to create interpreter instances, load Perl source code into the interpreter, pass parameters between C++ and Perl, and get the results. It is optimized for ease of use and simplicity at the API level.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  08 Mar 2004 18:19

    Release Notes: Support has been added for many missing methods for modifying scalars, arrays, and hashes, including push/pop/shift/unshift on arrays, pre-sizing scalars and arrays, taint checking, and preliminary reference support.

    •  23 Feb 2004 18:22

      Release Notes: Perl interpreters can be created and destroyed. Perl code can be loaded into the interpreter from a file. Scalars, arrays, and hashes can be created in C++ code and passed into Perl subroutines or created as global variables inside the Perl interpreter. Return values from subroutines can be retrieved. Perl references are not implemented yet. Tested and works against Perl 5.8.3, but doesn't work against 5.8.0.


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