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ep128emu is a portable emulator of the Enterprise 64/128, ZX Spectrum 48/128, and Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 computers supporting Windows and POSIX platforms (32-bit Windows and 32- and 64-bit Linux have been tested). It implements accurate, high quality hardware emulation, but the system requirements are higher than that of most other emulators.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2011 13:57

    Release Notes: Some debugger changes have been made related to ignore breakpoints. It is now possible to delete single breakpoints in Lua scripts by using a negative priority value. Minor bugs have been fixed in the 6845 CRTC emulation and closing the debugger window with the Esc key.

    •  27 Dec 2010 12:31

      Release Notes: CPC floppy drive controller (uPD765) emulation was implemented. Various minor fixes, optimizations, and improvements have been made to DAVE, NICK, 6845 CRTC, and CPC video emulation. The detection and verifying of disk geometry in the WD177x emulation was improved. It is possible to disable software control of the tape motor. Disk image and ROM packages were updated. Some changes have been made to the debugger window and monitor emulation. The x86_64 Linux binaries were built with LuaJIT 2.0.0 beta5.

      •  25 Jan 2010 18:02

        Release Notes: This release implements ZX Spectrum 48/128 and Amstrad CPC emulation; for now, only basic configuration of these machines is supported (there is no disk emulation yet), although the emulation accuracy should be good. Various minor improvements and bugfixes have been made to Z80 and DAVE emulation and the debugger, monitor, and Lua scripting.

        •  03 Aug 2009 13:17

          Release Notes: IDE hard disk emulation was implemented. Z80, video memory, and NICK I/O port timing was made more accurate. NICK and DAVE emulation were improved. A 4-channel 8-bit external DAC is emulated at ports F0h to F3h. A TV emulation mode when using OpenGL video output was added. Support was added for epmemcfg format memory configuration files. The "motor on" bit of WD177x is emulated. Machine configurations generated by makecfg automatically set the "virtual file I/O" option. The debugger prints more detailed information about errors in Lua scripts. Various minor bugfixes and optimizations have been made.

          •  14 Dec 2008 17:58

            Release Notes: Various improvements have been made to the debugger and the installer. FILE: is now the default device on startup when using the epfileio.rom extension. Floppy drive emulation improvements. In the memory configuration, ROM files can also be loaded to segments 40h to 43h. Video display improvements and bugfixes. Some NICK emulation fixes. Screenshots are saved in BMP format now, instead of TGA. Various user interface improvements. A new 'Gtk+' GUI theme. A number of minor bugs have been fixed.


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