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Escape of the Unicorn

Escape of the Unicorn is the 2D flying shooter game, where the player - a unicorn - must escape from the long cave full of flying and shooting monsters and other traps. The player can fire missiles and gain extra energy by eating powerups through the mission. At the end of each level the unicorn can find a token which lets him ascend to the next level.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2002 08:24

    Release Notes: This release includes 3 new complex levels, per-object speed control, new types of interactions, and new game objects such as Puff Fish, Wall Spikes, and Bloops. Walls no longer damage the player, and the immunity time is much shorter.

    •  18 May 2002 08:31

      Release Notes: Fixed the gameplay, added fonts support, a FPS counter, and bombs. Objects now have alignment, which means that enemies do not kill one another. Internal code improvements were made.

      •  01 May 2002 22:35

        Release Notes: This release has a better algorithm for collision detection, a new method of creating new objects during the game, a separate map viewer, new creatures, and more difficulties in the gameplay.

        •  26 Mar 2002 11:31

          Release Notes: The project has been rewritten almost from scratch. The new engine supports animations. There is a new object description scheme and a new approach to building the maps.

          •  13 Mar 2002 02:38

            Release Notes: Brand new grapphics themes, improved game management, a new feature (arrow packs), and a new approach to the map file loading.


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