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EOS Image Manager

EOS Image Manager is a pure Cocoa application that enables users to quickly view, thumbnail, rename (add and remove chars, change case), and manage (move, copy, and rename) all of their images from a single, uncluttered interface. With this application users can organize thousands of downloaded images and digital photos in minutes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Dec 2004 11:34

    Release Notes: This release features a major redesign of the File Manager Tab GUI, including table with sortable columns. It adds sorting ability to the Name, Size, and Date columns in both the File Browser and Target Browser tables. It adds a Thumbnail Size popup menu to the Thumbnails Tab and sets it to remember the selected size between sessions. - The speed of file and rename operations is now greatly improved due to the removal of auto-refresh from the source browser. A brand-new application icon was added, as were Tooltips to all Toolbar Icons.

    •  03 Feb 2004 03:34

      Release Notes: A pop-up menu for navigation of all volumes (HD, CDs, iDisk, etc) was added, and all ".." cells were removed. A "Replace percent escapes" operation was added to the Bulk Rename Sheet, which replaces URL-encoded percent strings. The Up and Down arrow keys now skip over folders. Locking (the inability to double-click or rename) was added to all browser items that are unwritable. All tables were refactored to match the Finder's font size and table row height.

      •  15 Nov 2003 21:06

        Release Notes: Sub-menus of the last 5 targeted folders of Move/Copy operations were added under Move and Copy, in both the app menu and the context menu. A floating Slide Show control window (Play/Pause, Stop, Prev, Next) was added. A new "User Selected" option was added to the Startup Directory Preferences. Finder-like filename enforcement was added (forbidding characters such as ':' and NULL). A sheet with status text was added, and a progress bar is shown while building thumbnails to better indicate status. Incorrect file sizes (which did not include the resource fork) were fixed. More miscellaneous fixes were made, as well as GUI tweaks for OS X 10.3 (Panther).

        •  04 Aug 2003 00:44

          Release Notes: This version adds a new thumbnails tab that displays thumbnail images for some/all files, iTunes-style alternate row highlighting, a new "Size" column to the file browser, standard printing and page setup support, a close button to the main window which quits the application, and a "Select All Unreadable Images" feature. The size of the main split view is now automatically restored at startup, renaming of files where the only change is case was enabled, the error sheets for existing files encountered during Move/Copy operations were improved, and the key shortcuts for Delete, Home, Prefs, etc. were also improved.

          •  02 Apr 2003 02:43

            Release Notes: This release adds an "Operate Only on Extensions" option to Bulk Rename Sheet, a fully-customizable application ToolBar to the main window, an "Info" Panel with image properties (dimensions, filesize, DPI, etc.), basic Image Zooming features, the standard "Edit" menu with Cut, Copy, and Paste functions, a complete redesign of the Target Browser Tab, and enhanced table view behavior when using certain keys. The compiler settings have been tweaked to reduce the executable size from 800kb to 470kb,


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