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EnzymeTemplates is an object-oriented PHP library for templating data from an arbitrary database. It can grab data from your database without you having to write any SQL. It is part of the Enzyme open-source project.


Recent releases

  •  31 Jul 2000 03:49

    Release Notes: Lots of documentation, a much cleaner API, and the normal smattering of bugfixes.

    •  25 Jul 2000 06:15

      Release Notes: Bugfix release. Now EnzymeTemplates can detect several kinds of db joins to perform, with a more robust API.

      •  21 Jul 2000 18:52

        Release Notes: A major overhaul to several key functions, two new demos, much more documentation, and a new "reflexive" relation which enables tree-like data being loaded from the database automatically (this makes creating a Slash-like site really easy).

        •  12 Jul 2000 08:47

          Release Notes: Additions to the INSTALL docs, and a few major (but subtle) bugs have been fixed.

          •  11 Jul 2000 17:00

            Release Notes: Minor fixes, and a reduced file size of some data by 65%.


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