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The Env::Array Perl module permits the user to treat an environment variable like a regular Perl array. Array operations are implemented to use splitting and joining based on the specified delimiter. Great for environment variables like PATH. PLEASE NOTE: This module is OBSOLETE as of Perl 5.6.0. The author submitted a patch to Perl to implement this functionality in the core Perl module and it was accepted for the 5.6.0 release.


Recent releases

  •  11 Aug 1999 18:25

    Release Notes: Fixed a typo in the test script and added an explicit requirement for Perl version 5.005 or later as well as generated the README file from the POD documentation.

    •  09 Aug 1999 23:23

      Release Notes: Initial release.

      Recent comments

      01 May 2000 17:48 gregor

      Code that performs the same function as this has been
      accepted into the Perl 5.6.0 distribution. It is incoporated
      into the module, allowing use Env qw($HOME @PATH)
      to do the expected thing.


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