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20 Nov 1999 18:56 karina

Wow, come so far since I last used it.
Had written E off as a slow resource hog a while back (dr 0.14.4 I think.) but lately I started becoming very annoyed with windowmaker so I thought I'd download 0.16.2 and have a look. WOW!!! this thing is quick now and it's such a beautiful wm to work in, everything can be set to work just how I like with minimal effort.


28 Oct 1999 08:38 shaman

Thanks, Raster
For fixing the scripts for Solaris. It was a pain hacking the makefiles by hand.

17 Aug 1999 16:31 dreddnott

Quantitative please...
How many libraries would I have to d/l installing it onto a fresh RedHat Linux 6.0 box? Also, I have a 400MHz K6-2, 96MB RAM and the Voodoo Banshee server so I was also wondering what's the best theme if memory hogging is no object...?

28 Apr 1999 05:44 cazcade

This thing ROCKS!
Oh yes.. Enlightenment + GNOME is decidedly the best GUI I ever have tried.. I recommend this! But as the most of us know, it's a memory sucker.. I have 64 MBs but GNOMEs RAM indicator applet is almost allways on maximum load.. Well, nothing more negative to say! =)

19 Apr 1999 08:38 opal

The best wm ever!
I must say that raster and mandrake have done an excelent window manager. Cool! And the thing I like most is that it is fully GNOME compiliant. It does not use as much memory anymore, almost better than windowmaker. There is also an e-conf util, which have the same good look. Nice work! I use it with GNOME (which will give you the possibility to minimize ;)


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