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15 Aug 2001 18:25 CrazyBear

UnixMan didnt read the instructions about flaming myself, i just chose to ignore it. Beats me where 'Browser Blocking" has anything to do with the project on hand. I've been an emech user since 97/98, and IMHO, it's developement has been first rate. As an *avid* user of IRC, I've seen the ammount of energymech bots leap in massive bounds over the past few years, and its stability, package size, and usefullness are just a few reasons for its rise in popularity. The coding team is a dedicated bunch, and a much smaller team then that of other IRC Bawts out there. Hats off to the Emech Team.

22 Jun 2001 00:13 proton

Re: By the way...
I'd rather see Netscape crash instead of the OS. I'd rather see Netscape gobble down memory and resources instead of the OS.

Personally Im using NS 4.08. Once Java and JavaScript is turned off, its quite stable. Trust me, its refreshing.

21 Jun 2001 12:57 unixman

By the way...
When Mozilla and/or Netscape stop crashing, hanging and eating up resources, while doing a decent job rendering HTML I will consider a switch. They still have a long way to go.

21 Jun 2001 12:54 unixman

"Access to this website has been blocked for users of Microsoft IE6."

Too bad, Proton Dude... The version of Explorer with the "smart tags" in it has not come out yet. When it comes out, it will be a toggle, not an imposed "feature". By blocking access to your site for people with IE you are not making a difference, you are just a mimic of the beast, aka "Microsoft".

I guess your bot is one that the, already bloated, IRC network does not needs.

Happy blocking!


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