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Endymion MailMan Web-Mail

MailMan is one of the most stable, mature, and robust Web-based email systems available. The overall goal of the system is to provide the simplest possible way to add a Web-based email system to any Web site, so ease of installation and maintenance was the first goal in MailMan's design. It has no dependencies and no known incompatibilities with any Web server or mail server. It supports sending and receiving attachments, a single-frame or multi-frame interface, HTML-formatted messages, user options, address books, mail folders, and more.


Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2002 17:11

    Release Notes: This release eliminates a potential flock() deadlock in the Professional Edition.

    •  23 Oct 2002 21:29

      Release Notes: Recent changes to MailMan Professional Edition's message store system created a problem forwarding attachments for some systems. That problem has been fixed.

      •  17 Oct 2002 20:05

        Release Notes: A manual option to control MailMan's APOP connectivity has been added, as APOP attempts cause some POP3 servers that do not support APOP to immediately disconnect because they are still in the non-authenticated mode. The efficicency of MailMan's support for Windows servers that require the use of alternate file names for message storage has been improved.

        •  14 Oct 2002 16:18

          Release Notes: A special option was added to allow MailMan to use MD5 hashes as simplified file names for some European versions of Windows that disallow apparently valid file names.

          •  09 Oct 2002 05:30

            Release Notes: A recently introduced problem that prevented attachments from always forwarding properly was fixed. Extra functionality was added to the automatic message index repair mechanism to allow MailMan to automatically handle the case where message files are deleted by an external purging mechanism.

            Recent comments

            21 May 2002 14:49 endymion

            It's always been called MailMan
            MailMan has been called MailMan since 1996. It was originally a code name for a GNU-licensed project that became the name of the product when it was commercialized in 1997 with version 2.0. We have never had any problems with the list management software also called "MailMan", which was a fledgling product at about the same time as our MailMan was. The purpose of each project is so different that we have never even had to deal with disoriented people trying to find the other project, it just doesn't happen.

            That said though, we are planning on changing the name soon with our next major release to simply "Endymion Mail", since that's what a lot of our customers tend to call it anyway. We aren't interested in confusing anybody. We recently updated the interface of MailMan with a new logo becuase the MailMan list manager product recently adopted a logo that looked almost exactly like the one that we commissioned from a PR firm in 1998.

            We have never attempted to trademark "MailMan" out of respect for the MailMan list management software. The entire issue will be moot when we release our next major version anyway.

            21 May 2002 09:04 lstep

            Trying to use the fame of Mailman !
            Strange to see that endymion has been renamed to 'mailman'. Could the reason be linked with some other product with the same name? Maybe they're trying to use the fame of Mailman ( to sell their product?

            18 May 2002 18:52 endymion

            Yes, it is.
            We provide complimentary licenses for non-profit and educational institutions, so in a sense it is free for non-commercial use. We do not issue complimentary licenses to private individuals though, if that's what you mean, and our 30 day demo does actually time out after 30 days if you don't contact us about licensing.

            29 Jun 2001 09:32 j4n

            Re: it is not free for non-commercial use

            > both versions expire after a certain
            > time and the source is
            > scrambled.

            and at least at my place it is really slow with a local pop server. But exept those two points a nice tools.

            19 Nov 2000 20:26 gnuts

            it is not free for non-commercial use
            both versions expire after a certain time and the source is


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