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The ENBD (Enhanced Network Block Device) is an industrial-strength version of the Linux kernel NBD. It makes a remote disk look like a local block device, allowing cheap and safe realtime mirrors to be built over the net. It features internal block-journalling and multichannel failover.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2002 17:50

    Release Notes: Support for partitioning has been added to the device driver. Support for old kernels (2.2.20) has been restored, and we are once again nearly level in the development kernel race (2.5.47). As usual, various minor bugs have been fixed - notably write ordering is now preserved very strictly, in order to cater to journaled file systems. The names of the module and daemons have also been changed to enbd* from nbd*, in order not to collide with the kernel nbd.

    •  06 Aug 2002 15:28

      Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which had been causing the ENBD device to disable itself for 5 seconds after a network brownout even when the (default) operational mode was to hide networking errors internally and block until the network returned. The result had been that an overlying RAID device would see the fault if writes were in progress, which could fault the ENBD component offline with no convenient way to recover. The behavior has been corrected so that recovery is invisible to RAID by default.

      •  26 Mar 2002 18:26

        Release Notes: Enabling remote ioctl support for ioctls which transfer arbitary amounts of data (not just "up to 16 bytes" as previously).

        •  05 Mar 2002 19:38

          Release Notes: Support for remote ioctls has been added, and the code has been brought up to date with the current kernel 2.4 release (tested with 2.4.18). Also, support for local write-caching, lost after the great VM rip-out in kernel 2.4.10, has hopefully now been restored. The usual number of minor bugs have been fixed, reintroduced, etc. The package also contains an experimental driver for kernels 2.5.x.

          •  01 Dec 2001 17:50

            Release Notes: Driver corrections to allow compilation against kernels >= 2.4.10, in which the kernel VM changed completely. The upcoming next-release driver code has been dropped into the package as is, to fill the gap for people who need to use the ultra-new kernels. The package has been tested for back-compatibility against kernel 2.4.3.

            Recent comments

            14 Jul 2003 11:53 fvh

            nbd-server which can even serve partitions

            I wrote a nbd-server for windows which can also
            server partitions which are not in a file, but are live on
            disk so to say.
            Of course, 64-bit clean etc.
            It can be downloaded from:
            (executable + source)


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