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Email Reminders

Email Reminders is a combination of scripts - a set of PHP scripts for data input and display, and a perl cron script - that will send an email to your specified email address at a certain date and time. It uses MySQL as the default database and archives the email, datetime,subject, and body of the email.


Recent releases

  •  29 Apr 2003 20:54

    Release Notes: Form submission has been updated to get input values from $_POST, which requires PHP version 4.1.0 or greater. Bugs in which caused reminders to not be deleted have been fixed. The package now includes cron-emrem.php, for the command line interpreter version of PHP which is included by default in PHP version 4.3.0 or greater.

    •  06 Feb 2003 05:35

      Release Notes: This version adds recurring events, moves to new database structure to support recurring events, changes PHP to use PEAR's DB abstraction classes, which will allow one to easily use a different database, and cleans up the HTML in preparation for XHTML-based templates.

      •  02 Aug 2001 22:12

        Release Notes: A pop-up Javascript calendar has been added for easy date selection. has been changed to use DBI. Diagnostics have been added to, so feedback will be reported to the sysadmin from cron if you don't pipe the output to /dev/null.

        •  10 May 2001 21:37

          Release Notes: Changed configuration in to allow for easy modification to use MySQL with username/password, using warnings (-w) in for tighter scripting, rewrites to use an Object Oriented design for better future maintainability, a class library/general function library to be used by all PHP files, and abstracted database calls for future support of different databases.

          •  03 Apr 2001 00:17

            Release Notes: This release adds a check for magic_quotes for security reasons, moves from every 2 hours to every hour, and adds the current hour selection to the time pulldown.

            Recent comments

            30 Apr 2003 03:10 giosico

            Other Emrem Scripts
            Don't know if you are interested in such but hear are other similiar scripts that might be useful ...

            Check out these systems ...

            In particular check out this one ...
            free and developed in english
            hasnt been update in a while

            30 Apr 2003 01:32 giosico

            Re: emrem-0.6.1 feedback
            Thanks for your timely response. It is good to know the status of lists.php.

            29 Apr 2003 23:35 elihu

            Re: emrem-0.6.1 feedback

            > 1) Creating a record in the past gives a browser warning saying you cant do that
            > which indicates to the user that the record was not added but it is actually
            > created in the database.

            You're quite right. I will fix this bug in the next release.

            Items 2-4 involve the file "list.php". This file is included in the release as-is and is only there as a guide to help people create an admin if they choose to do so. That being said, it is out-dated (doesn't use the PEAR::DB, etc) and should be updated so it might be useful, which includes using the configuration settings in config.php.


            29 Apr 2003 22:22 giosico

            emrem-0.6.1 feedback
            I am new to emrem and let me say thank you for writing this. Here is what I have found so far. Please take these as you would like as I dont profess to know what I am talking about ;p

            1) Creating a record in the past gives a browser warning saying you cant do that which indicates to the user that the record was not added but it is actually created in the database.

            2) Seems some values could be moved into config.php ... like some database name in lists.php.

            3) Lists.php is not mentioned in the manual or from anydocumentation. So I am not sure if it is intended for use.

            4) Lists.php is dieing when trying to encounter the first mysql_select_db statement. Perhaps this is because my installation requires a user and pass even from localhost. I have no idea. I am happy just to delete items from the db for my useage.

            I hope this helps.



            28 Jun 2002 11:19 odochartaigh

   won't run
            Hi there,

            trying to get this to work for a while now and not sure what the problem is.
            I enter a cron job via Webmin and then run it but get this:

            Output dal comando /home/www/ ..

            /bin/sh: /home/www/ No such file or directory

            What could the problem be - permissions? Any suggestions very welcome




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