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17 Oct 2003 17:36 sweiss

Encoding problem
This is a really great project, however I've found a little bug in the application. If there are filenames or foldernames which contain non-english characters (for example, special forms of a,i,e,o,u), the line which presents it would be blank (meaning you won't see a folder named as such, but a blank line instead). This happens when I try to start the filemanager using my desktop environment. However, when you start an xterm and execute it from there, it works fine.

Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

06 Sep 2003 22:06 msaavedra

Good Work
I've always been a big fan of emelfm. It's good to see someone making an updated version. Even at this early stage, this seems to work pretty well.


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