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Email sends email to remote SMTP servers via the command line, which makes it useful in cron jobs. It will send to any RFC standard remote ESMTP server, is TLS/SSL enabled, and will allow you to encrypt, sign, and design your message on the fly. It has the capability to use signature files with dynamic options, address book functionality, and users can also attach pictures, binary files, documents, or whatever they want. It is completely compatible with GNUPG for encryption and signing, and is easy to configure and use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jan 2009 20:21

    Release Notes: Cygwin-specific issues have been fixed for compiling and editing files. A --no-encoding option has been added to avoid UTF-8 encoding of non-ASCII characters.

    •  30 Nov 2008 09:35

      Release Notes: UTF-8 support was added for headers and message. A timeout option was added. A bug that was causing 100% CPU usage on some mailings was fixed. The "No SMTP Server specified" problem that existed on 64-bit and Solaris systems was fixed. A problem was fixed where MIME types weren't being guessed correctly or the MIME type was coming out blank. VCARD support was added.

      •  15 May 2008 20:08

        Release Notes: Compilation problems in Cygwin have been fixed.

        •  23 Apr 2008 03:57

          Release Notes: A bug with a segfault caused by attaching files with no MIME type was fixed.

          •  13 Apr 2008 01:04

            Release Notes: A seg fault when using AUTH PLAIN was fixed. An issue in using LF instead of CRLF was fixed. OpenSSL is not required anymore.


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