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EffecTV is a real-time video effector. It requires a video camera and video capture card to be useful.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Feb 2006 22:15

    Release Notes: The effects "DisplayWall", "BlueScreenTV", "ColourfulStreak", "TimeDistortion", and "EdgeBlurTV" have been added. You can change the video input channel at runtime. Video capturing is robust. There are some bugfixes and code cleanup.

    •  14 Feb 2005 21:57

      Release Notes: New effects "OpTV", "NervousHalf", and "SloFastTV" have been added. A light flickering effect has been added to AgingTV. An experimental patch for IIDC1394 support has been attached.

      •  13 Jan 2004 18:43

        Release Notes: New effects "MatrixTV", "PupTV" and "ChameleonTV" have been added. The API of the effect module has been simplified. The supported version of vloopback has been changed from 0.90 to 0.91. This release can be launched from any effect you want. Some new features have been added to FireTV, BurningTV, RadioacTV, and SparkTV. PuzzleTV's block sliding effect is now smooth. There are many bugfixes.

        •  27 Nov 2003 00:05

          Release Notes: This is the initial release of a port to Java, using JNI for the hardware interface and performance. There is ~30fps playback from a video4linux device, but no effects just yet.

          •  15 Feb 2003 01:35

            Release Notes: OpenGL support has been enhanced. The "Preset" system is now supported, and some new effects were added. Note that this release is still in early development stage.

            Recent comments

            12 Jun 2001 06:57 toastie

            Awfully cool!
            With a camera or just with a regular TV tuner,
            it's a very fun toy to play with! Loved to see our
            parliament members get striked by lightnings...

            15 Feb 2001 10:02 davemw

            This program is goddamn cool! It took a bit of a fight to get it up and running, but once going there's no stopping it. I /LOVE/ the radioactive effect!

            If you have a camera, this is a must try. Get it now!

            Would be nice if you could capture to AVI/MOV or something, but this may be asking too much... it's already a cool program. Absolutely no complaints!


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