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EFEU is suitable for handling data cubes, which are especially useful for building data warehouses. It consists of a building system including mkmf (a xmkmf like Makefile generator), esh (a powerful C/C++ interpreter), efeudoc (a document generator with different output formats (LaTeX, HTML, roff, etc.)). EFEU has a huge set of C library core features, including robust memory allocation tools, functions to concatenate and copy strings with memory allocation, buffers for dynamically-growing strings and fields, data structures with reference counters and garbage collection, and file tools that allow you to specify pipes wherever a filename is expected and support automatic implementation of (de)compression filters (gzip) depending on filename extensions. It also includes a high-level interface to files, strings, and anything else you can read from or write to.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Dec 2011 18:02

    Release Notes: Changes were made for compatibility with newer versions of GCC. A bug in formatting integer values was fixed.

    •  05 May 2008 21:39

      Release Notes: Path setting in the starter script has been fixed.

      •  27 Apr 2008 11:02

        Release Notes: Run time creation of path variables was added. A problem with write access to read only memory was fixed. Some rarely used tools were removed.

        •  10 Sep 2007 10:36

          Release Notes: Enhancements were made to the EDB concept. The extern keyword was added to load additional data types implicitly from shared objects to the efeu interpreter. Transparent access to members of C data structures and better support for bitfields were implemented.

          •  02 Nov 2006 16:44

            Release Notes: A new makefile generator, shmkmf, which uses /bin/sh was added. of dynamic vector types were implemented. A new data file concept, called EDB, was added. Fixed size integer types and 64-bit integer arithmetic were added.


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