Comments for Electronic Design Automation - Index

07 Aug 2004 04:32 baxeno

EDA-Index 1.0 (RC2)
EDA-Index 1.0 (RC2) is going to be the last release candidate, so the next download version is going to be 1.0

Since it got all the features I wanted it to have when I started writting it. I think its logic to call it 1.0, not meaning that I dont got ideas to improve the interface with more features.

20 Jun 2004 01:44 baxeno

What do you think of EDA-Index?
If you have tried EDA-Index, either by downloading it and installing it or the online demo, add a comment and/or rate the project!

When you rate it, please also add a comment about why it was good or poor.

Feedback from users is always nice :D

Maybe its hard to understand what EDA-Index can do, or why you should use it.

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