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30 Mar 2012 07:03 unix001

Really good editor for Unix

23 Aug 2008 01:10 woods

don't be so self deprecating!
Maybe the about section shouldn't be so self deprecating.

There are many good reasons still to have a decent line editor available on all systems. Some of those could be described instead of worrying about the other tools that don't really compare.

01 Jun 2007 17:39 ant_diaz

Re: errors in ed-0.4

> there are a couple of glaring errors in signal.c:

Both errors will be fixed in version 0.6.

Next time, please use the mailing list to notify errors. Thanks.

17 Feb 2007 19:53 davidbacon

errors in ed-0.4
I'm sure Antonio Diaz means well, but there are a couple of glaring errors in signal.c:

In sigwinch_handler(), there is an executable statement before a declaration (when TIOCGWINSZ is defined). That works in C++, but not in C.

In set_signal(), the non-standard flag SA_RESTART is used. This should be conditionalized, as it is not supported on all flavours of Unix (including QNX Neutrino); POSIX does not in fact require it to be defined.

12 Jun 2002 23:15 holyTeach

This is quite possibly one of the coolest projects I've ever seen announced on Freshmeat.


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