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10 Dec 2001 18:19 scann

eContent 2.0 Adds Powerful New Content Management Features To Affordable Enterprise Offering
Jcorporate Ltd today announced that it is shipping a new release of its Web content management solution (CMS) - eContent version 2.0. In addition to industry-first enhancements, eContent offers a new level of Open Platform Support and a break in the price barrier of CMS making it affordable to many more organizations. 2.0 is based on Expresso/ Struts and other OSS shared standards - only CMS vendor to be based on the two dominant OSS Java Web application development frameworks that comprise ~85% market. Open standards + source availability = accessible to the many Java developers building Web applications and want to standardize on J2EE.

28 Jun 2000 12:27 scann

Can open source benefits be applied to a commercial product?
From a company heavily committed to developing open source software - we also think the open source benefits can be applied to a commercial product. The result: creating an inexpensive, source code solution, in a collaborative infrastructure, integrating and based on open source technologies. We think it has the additional benefit is a dedicated full-time support and development team which is particularly good for enterprises. eContent is based on such a model.


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