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eContent is a Web-based content management system for creating information systems, intranets, B2B, B2C, catalogs, and vertical portals. Written in Java for scalability, and based on open standards Struts and Expresso for stability, eContent integrates content management, scalable content and application delivery, resource management, workflow and personalization. It supports executables, all documents types, OLAP reports, Java programs, and legacy integration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Dec 2003 22:40

    Release Notes: This release includes 3 new features, 7 bugfixes, 1 performance improvement, and 1 miscellaneous change. New features include an image processor resource processor generating thumbnails of the size and quality specified in the setup table. There is also a new JSP template type for simplified resource attribute access, and a new template type for Velocity integration.

    •  17 Oct 2003 15:58

      Release Notes: This release adds features, performance improvements, bugfixes, and compatibility with Expresso 5.3 and Struts 1.1. The new features are Resource Storage Identifiers to store resources in multiple areas without having to write custom processors for each storage system, Simpler Template Hierarchy depending on whether you want Category or Resource templates, and Jasper Reports fully integrated, providing state-of-the-art reporting capabilities. There have been many performance improvements, especially in the area of Table of Contents set renderings.

      •  16 Oct 2003 08:30

        Release Notes: This release included feature enhancements, bugfixes, speed enhancements, and Expresso 5.0 compatibility. The ability to specify a custom "editor" object for any content type was added. The workflow enhancements included Task history tracking and an assignment list. An enhanced security administration UI was added for the temporary assignment of administrative capabilities to "delegated" users.

        •  05 Jun 2003 10:34

          Release Notes: This release primarily focuses on making eContent compatible with Expresso 5.0 and adding several important performance enhancements. It also includes miscellaneous bugfixes such as TOC and cache bugfixes. This version also includes miscellaneous changes including removing all calls to deprecated Expresso functions and updating the src build.

          •  23 Aug 2002 14:21

            Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes, new features, some performance improvements, and compatibility with Expresso 4.1ea4. New features include mapping folder categories to URLs, linking in a 3rd-party editor, integration with eForum, and additional "user interest" statistical reporting. A particular user can now have a "home page" category, and categories can now have "Attributes" defined.

            Recent comments

            10 Dec 2001 18:19 scann

            eContent 2.0 Adds Powerful New Content Management Features To Affordable Enterprise Offering
            Jcorporate Ltd today announced that it is shipping a new release of its Web content management solution (CMS) - eContent version 2.0. In addition to industry-first enhancements, eContent offers a new level of Open Platform Support and a break in the price barrier of CMS making it affordable to many more organizations. 2.0 is based on Expresso/ Struts and other OSS shared standards - only CMS vendor to be based on the two dominant OSS Java Web application development frameworks that comprise ~85% market. Open standards + source availability = accessible to the many Java developers building Web applications and want to standardize on J2EE.

            28 Jun 2000 12:27 scann

            Can open source benefits be applied to a commercial product?
            From a company heavily committed to developing open source software - we also think the open source benefits can be applied to a commercial product. The result: creating an inexpensive, source code solution, in a collaborative infrastructure, integrating and based on open source technologies. We think it has the additional benefit is a dedicated full-time support and development team which is particularly good for enterprises. eContent is based on such a model.


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