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Echomine Muse Communications API

Echomine Muse provides an easy-to-use Java API that gives you quick and easy access to network collaboration services. Specifically, it allows you to communicate with Jabber/XMPP servers to perform instant messaging and presence management.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Mar 2005 00:28

    Release Notes: This version contains a large code cleanup, major bugfixes, and a large number of new features for Jabber. One of the most important changes is the deprecation of the Gnutella package. Muse is now only a Jabber/XMPP specific API. XMPP compliance has been added. More Jabber JEPs are now supported.

    •  11 Dec 2003 22:06

      Release Notes: This version includes the example and unit test files that were missing in 0.8a4. It also fixes some NullPointerExceptions in JabberVCardMessage and AbstractJabberMessage. Gnutella also had an issue where query replies were not correctly sending the search results.

      •  10 Oct 2003 21:02

        Release Notes: This release contains a massive number of changes to the Jabber and Gnutella modules. Gnutella now supports Generic Extensions (GGEP) to a certain extent. A great many features and messages have been added to the Jabber module, such as support for Vacation, Private XML, Service Discovery, Data Gathering, and Search. There is some distribution restructuring to allow for easier compiling and working with the project source. JUnit test cases are now added religiously to new codes (test cases for older codes will be added incrementally).

        •  02 Apr 2003 03:11

          Release Notes: This release adds full JEP-0054 (vcard-temp) namespace support. The authentication digest password is now lowercase to fit with XMPP protocol standards. Presence type is not included in the message when the type is "available" (it is considered the default). Workarounds have been added to the API to have better compatibility with non-protocol-conforming Jabber servers such as RhombusIM. This release should work better with non-jabberd servers.

          •  11 Mar 2003 10:58

            Release Notes: Initial support for SSL connections to Jabber servers was added, and some of the supported message types were updated to conform to the newest JEP specifications. A new NullMessage and KeepAlive pinger thread was added for convenience.


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