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echinus is a lightweight window manager for X based on dwm's source code. It manages windows in tiled, maximized, and floating layouts. It is extremely small, rather fast, and supports Xft. It features nice titlebars, multiple desktops, theming support, a simple configuration file, the ability to switch desktops with the mouse wheel, X bitmaps for title buttons, and true transparency support (through xcompmgr). There is no need to recompile or restart X to change its configuration.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Oct 2011 11:13

    Release Notes: This version brings a lot of changes, including new mouse handling code, stability fixes, and the ability to run without a configuration file.

    •  20 Aug 2011 14:12

      Release Notes: This release features a number of speed improvements, code cleanups, and improved ICCM compatibility.

      •  07 Aug 2011 15:05

        Release Notes: This release is all about internal changes; there is nothing exciting for the user.

        •  18 Mar 2011 00:14

          Release Notes: This release adds the snap configuration variable, implements the _NET_WORKAREA atom, and fixes a bug with gtk windows unmapping themselves behind our back.

          •  23 Feb 2011 23:41

            Release Notes: This release features stability fixes on 64-bit platforms, a new manual page, and multi-monitor configuration improvements.

            Recent comments

            09 Nov 2011 03:52 putridmelon

            Great stuff. Truly usable.

            05 Apr 2010 10:05 truenerd

            I am trying echinus: seems very interesting! Thanks for this project!

            29 Sep 2009 05:59 dijital6

            This looks very promising.


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