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12 May 2000 18:05 unixman

Darn it!!! :)
It is 0.129a!!!!

Sorry, it is friday, I am hungry and tired too...

12 May 2000 17:51 unixman

Opps!: 1.29a I meant.
A correction to the above version. Development is always in movement!

12 May 2000 17:49 unixman

Listar 1.26a: A Real Winner!!
I have been "eyeing" listar for quite a while, living every step of it, watching it grow. It is, by far, the best mailing list software I have ever seen. Missing only the web archiving feature build-in (or as a module), it is the Mother of the Mailing Lists packages. I do not doubt the web archiving feature would show one of this days. I am going to propose it!

Keep up the great, marvelous job!!!

04 Aug 1999 19:22 jtraub

Listar Version
The version REALLY is 0.125a, honest. I'm going to suppose that I typo'd and put the 0.126a when I submitted the change request. Sorry.


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