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Ecartis (fomerly known as Listar) is a mailing list management program. It has a lot of similarities to Listserv (which was one of its inspirations), but has been written from scratch to support the features and abilities that the authors felt were lacking (or hard to modify/change) in some of the other list management programs available. Its main flexibility is that it is written around a plugin layer (similar to Apache), which allows you to customize and extend the manager in ways that otherwise would be hard.


Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2000 21:26

    Release Notes: Quite a few fixes, including rewritten bounce handling module and a robust Web administration interface. This version is the last before version 1.0.

    •  11 Nov 1999 22:21

      Release Notes: Critical bug fixes to moderation and bounce handling that crept in with 0.127a.

      •  08 Nov 1999 04:08

        Release Notes: Rewrite of bounce handler and moderation, beginning support for liscript and lsg/2, and more.

        •  17 Oct 1999 01:10

          Release Notes: Support scripts have been eliminated (and creation of lists moved to the main executable), creation of lists now builds the config file dynamically from the installed modules and defaults, internal I/O changes have been made to allow Listar to handle large installations (e.g. 5000+ lists), internal qmail bounce detection support and the beginnings of support for DSN have been added, several file lock contention bugs have been fixed, and minor MIME handling updates have been made.

          •  04 Aug 1999 21:55

            Release Notes: Password support, variable registration, allows configuration of a list from Listargate and allow generation of default config files that are guaranteed up-to-date, and added Pantomime which strips non-text attachments and places them into a web-accessible directory placing the URL to get to the file into the message instead.

            Recent comments

            12 May 2000 18:05 unixman

            Darn it!!! :)
            It is 0.129a!!!!

            Sorry, it is friday, I am hungry and tired too...

            12 May 2000 17:51 unixman

            Opps!: 1.29a I meant.
            A correction to the above version. Development is always in movement!

            12 May 2000 17:49 unixman

            Listar 1.26a: A Real Winner!!
            I have been "eyeing" listar for quite a while, living every step of it, watching it grow. It is, by far, the best mailing list software I have ever seen. Missing only the web archiving feature build-in (or as a module), it is the Mother of the Mailing Lists packages. I do not doubt the web archiving feature would show one of this days. I am going to propose it!

            Keep up the great, marvelous job!!!

            04 Aug 1999 19:22 jtraub

            Listar Version
            The version REALLY is 0.125a, honest. I'm going to suppose that I typo'd and put the 0.126a when I submitted the change request. Sorry.


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