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Zentyal Server aims at offering small and medium businesses (SMBs) a native drop-in replacement for Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Server which can be set up in less than 30 minutes and is both easy to use and affordable.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Mar 2014 16:41

    Release Notes: This release adds greater integration of OpenChange technology with the goal of offering an improved Microsoft Exchange Server replacement. In this regard, it features Outlook Anywhere support, "Out of office" message support, and a fully renewed, modern webmail user interface. Another major feature introduced by this release is high availability for the UTM and Gateway services (gateway, firewall, DNS, VPN, DHCP, and routing modules), helping system administrators guarantee maximum network reliability and uptime.

    •  11 Jan 2011 19:32

      Release Notes: This is a compilation of all the latest Zentyal packages as well as the last system updates from Ubuntu. The installer comes with a new Zentyal Cloud-based "Disaster Recovery" feature. This option allows users with a free Basic Server Subscription to automatically install the modules from a previously stored configuration backup, and also to restore the configuration itself. Another major change in the installer is the switch from slim to LXDM as the display manager to avoid crashes of the graphic environment on some systems.

      •  12 Oct 2010 19:53

        Release Notes: This release is based on the Ubuntu 10.4 LTS distribution, and this implies a major change in all the server components. Important usability, performance, and stability improvements have taken place, automatic configuration wizards have been introduced, and the configuration backed of Zentyal has been changed from gconf to redis. Among other new features, bridge mode and an FTP module are included. This version also features a new Zarafa module for a groupware solution.

        •  07 Dec 2007 16:02

          Release Notes: The DHCP and HTTP proxy modules have been improved to take advantage of the Ajax framework. Two new reporting pages have been added to the system status, a page to show disk usage information and one for showing RAID status.

          •  06 Feb 2006 21:25

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            15 Oct 2012 10:55 stuartiannaylor

            Zentyal represents at least 2 years wasted of professional endeavour. Chosen because of my favourite distro Ubuntu. I am currently having a major pissy fit as all that experience is basically been flushed down the loo. I have had so many run in with the council and commercial body of Zentyal that is doesn't matter that it doesn't work. It doesn't matter 2.2 the fall back is pulling in 3.0 repo items.
            It doesn't matter there has a history of botches and errors. Modules such as LTSP have directives in the build script whilst they should be .conf scripts for fat clients to work. School boy stuff really.
            What matters is the constant denial and the knowledge of this makes me bloody angry. Irrespective of any fixes I know I am never going to be able to trust this product. What a bloody waste of my time. I am swapping and I am not happy about it but there is no other choice. ClearOS and CentOS it will have to be.

            You must be aware of this and the possible damage this denial could cause as currently the community council with blind allegiance are actually advising working concerns to swap to a system where there isn't a single module that works in entirety as the documentation states.

            Its because of this I don't think it would be wise to trust Ubuntu for business critical platforms as reading between the lines this denial must be common place.


            09 Mar 2011 21:39 helli72

            Great product! It's not a closed appliance. If something isn't there, it can be installed with apt-get. Zentyal 2.0 is an usual Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04.


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