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EasyBookmarks is a Web-based bookmarks system. It features easy installation and maintenance, support for multiple users with personal lists and personal configuration, and support for several databases with a detached database engine. It has Mozilla/Firefox support with a bookmarklet to add the current page to the collection and RSS feeds for each category to support livebookmarks. The generated pages are HTML4 compliant and support custom CSS for easy customizing.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Nov 2006 03:42

    Release Notes: This release adds more configuration items, added linkcheck in edit page, an RSS feed for category list overview, 'import' of bookmarks.html files, a 'browse' feature to step through entries in a category (handy for comics), and a quicklink bookmarklet that won't ask for the category. Broken functions on the admin page have been fixed. The edit view has been completely reworked to improve performance. Only SQLite and MySQL are currently tested.

    •  13 Jun 2006 09:59

      Release Notes: A restrictive robots.txt was added to keep the local error log clean. Some quirks on the search page were fixed. CSS handling was improved and new themes were added. Bookmarklet can now handle URLs with ampersands. This release was tested on XAMPP with SQLite and mySQL.

      •  27 Aug 2005 13:23

        Release Notes: The "Open in new window" option now affects an entry and no longer adds a new button. The Edit entry in Life-Bookmark is no longer malformed. The path to the root directory is now used in the RSS feed so it works if ebm was installed in a subdirectory. The Edit view now allows you to copy public entries to private categories. Copying an entry will no longer change the Edit view to show the target. Logins from the RSS feed now set the username in the form.

        •  30 Jul 2005 06:23

          Release Notes: The code was cleaned up to further reduce PHP warnings. A prefix was added to import_request to get rid of warnings and make tampering a little harder. User checks were centralized, RSS feeds were added to categories so that they can be used as live bookmarks in Firefox, and support for exporting the database to Netscape Bookmark format was added. A bug that kept categories from being shown in the search page was fixed. Due to problems with magic_quotes being on, double quotes are no longer be allowed in descriptions. A Bookmarklet was introduced for adding links more easily. A problem with SQLite where /' in a description could not be removed was fixed.

          •  26 Apr 2005 18:17

            Release Notes: Session login has been added. Unused code has been removed to keep the compiler from complaining. ebm_ prefix has been added to all variables that go through HTTP parameters. A flag has been added to make ebm jump automagically into the private section after logging in. Stray slashes in the edit view have been removed. The forwarder reflects the proper addresses. This release brushes up the search page a little, and fixes the quirk where the SQLite database did not sort entries.


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