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15 Oct 2005 15:43 1i

just one word:

Exactly what I need and was looking for.

09 Jun 2003 20:25 wvhemel

little feature

It would be handy if there would also be a mask variable (like %a, %b) for the current filename, so you could rename from:



Bandname - songname.mp3

... by using a mask like "Bandname - %f", skipping mp3 tags.

Very nice program, by the way. It really helps me to organise my music collection.

04 Dec 2002 13:33 slpyhd

Re: Rules

> is a real mess...

Ha, I know what you mean. :)
But it's hallucinating in an authistic way, Retagging with loud music on.

Easytag is a great tool, a real timesaver, A music collectors must.

17 Oct 2002 12:32 wiggins

Recently I decided to update my mp3 collection of roughly 4000+ mp3s, 96% of which did not have tags. I was able to apply tags to roughly 2/3 of my collection in two relatively long evenings, a process I was figuring on taking weeks without some sort of tool. I realize this sounds like marketing speak or an ad, but is a true testimonial. Unfortunately the last 1/3 is a real mess...

27 Jun 2002 11:26 Horizon

Re: Renaming and id3v2 removal

> Also a Missing feature, in my opinion in
> making this product more complete, is
> remaning of files. (automaticly that
> is)

It is included.

18 Jun 2002 11:10 mbainter

Re: Renaming and id3v2 removal
I agree. One thing I would add to that list is the ability to create directories.

09 Jun 2002 18:28 n0d3

Renaming and id3v2 removal
It doesn't seem entirly clear to me if id3v2 takes are beeing removed when the 'i don't like id3v2' button is checked.

Also a Missing feature, in my opinion in making this product more complete, is remaning of files. (automaticly that is)

The Playlists should be optional with the extra info (old style file only playlists rock). Small extra option would have a ../ playlist generator aswell. (so that a playlist a prev. dir would create a m3u with entry's like 'albumname/ (or \) 01_-_Artist_-_Song.mp3)

And when auto 'nameing' playlists it would be nice to have them be named like 00_-_Album.m3u (000_-_ for 2cd tracks)

Hope that this helps produce an even better tagger.



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