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Easta is a Napster-inspired peer to peer filesharing system, built to operate entirely over email (POP/IMAP+SMTP). More people have access to email than any other service, and in addition it gives easy access to file-sharing for the 90% of the planet stuck behind a firewall without a SOCKS connection. There's some nice side-effects too, such as asynchronous downloading, even when you're offline.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jan 2003 11:47

    Release Notes: This is a major improvement over the initial release. It now includes tree-based remote file browsing, the ability to download entire directories, message encryption, a better user interface, the ability to exchange messages between users, better support for restarting downloads between connections, support for English, French, and Portuguese, the ability to set limits on thenumber of simultaneous uploads and downloads, and more.

    •  29 Aug 2002 00:40

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      Recent comments

      10 Jan 2003 02:47 centeio69

      I saw the comment you put concerning a user manual on your Easta site.
      I'm willing to write a user manual to your program, also because i'm willing to test it, detect bugs, and to do that, i need to group some people here. Difficult task if some of the people i talked to are not computer experts. I'm trying to have the patiente to teach everyone on how to put your program to work.
      Are you developping a new version? Or those links you put on the site is a way to encourage us on improving the program ?

      By the way, i'm connected to the GNet_PT, the Gnutella Portuguese project of P2P, and the "Easter_PT" is now a baby child yet linked to GNet_PT. The goal was to try and start independent...

      Best wishes,
      Centeio69 - Portugal

      07 Jan 2003 23:04 centeio69

      good idea
      I hope you continue to develop on this project. This is great !! I had some problems at the beginning to fully understand it (for example, i had a lousy mail server, very slow).
      My suggestion: You should write a more ellaborate manual to users.
      Also, i saw some bugs there: the impossibility to enter a directory (when we double-click nothing happens and it appears java "code"); same thing on the download folder, if you double click on the status.
      I hope those problems will be resolved soon. I'm looking forward to hear from you.

      Best wishes,
      Centeio69 - Portugal


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