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Dzt is a YATGT (Yet Another Tabbed GNOME Terminal). It was inspired by PowerShell, which did not seem stable enough for daily use. The main goal is to provide a multi-tabbed/paged terminal for GNOME which is simple, configurable, and quick to use.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Jan 2003 06:38

    Release Notes: Tabs now have the ability to be moved relative to one another on the tab bar. Some minor bugs have been fixed, and the help files have been improved.

    •  19 Sep 2002 16:58

      Release Notes: This release has totally redone settings, with the ability to set individual preferences for different programs.

      •  19 Sep 2002 16:47

        Release Notes: Several critical crash bugs pertaining to detached (or detaching) tabs were fixed. Other cosmetic changes, minor bugfixes, and documentation updates were made.

        •  03 Sep 2002 18:10

          Release Notes: Tabs have been changed to allow for full width or normal display, as well as double clicking to change the name. The program termination signal is custimizable, and the ability to restart (relaunch) programs when they die has been added. The color pallette has been updated, and you can now invert colors.

          •  09 Jul 2002 18:05

            Release Notes: This release updates config help files, changes handling of tab title padding, patches some memory leaks, removes dead code, and has other behind the scenes changes. It also improves the look of tab/window title padding.

            Recent comments

            22 Mar 2005 19:00 cerceaux

            Well balanced
            My prefered terminal.

            This one is packed with features but still loads faster than most other terminals.


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