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DynaStop is a utility to examine IPv4 based addresses for Exim and procmail for the purpose of filtering based upon patterns defined by the administrator. This can be a pivotal factor in email filtering and server load management, since dynamic IP addresses are typically used for dial-up, DHCP, and DSL accounts. All of which have a designated mail exchange server through which all outbound mail flows as defined with many, if not most, large Internet service providers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Oct 2011 22:05

    Release Notes: The following example config files were updated: the Spamhaus Drop List, the Virus List: IP addresses of infected computers, the Unsubscribe Blacklist, the IMP WhiteList, NIXSpam blacklist, and the TCATS blacklists.

    •  24 Oct 2011 10:02

      No changes have been submitted for this release.

      •  17 Oct 2011 09:53

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        •  10 Oct 2011 09:48

          Release Notes: This release updates the example configuration files DropList, VirusList, UnsubList, IMP, NIXSpam, and DropList IMP NIXSpam UBL Virus.

          •  03 Oct 2011 09:50

            Release Notes: This release updates the example configuration files VirusList, UnsubList, IMP, NIXSpam, and IMP NIXSpam UBL Virus.

            Recent comments

            12 Sep 2011 20:28 BpMatthias

            Update lists visually separated in the automated process. Hopefully this will make the update notices more readable.

            21 Dec 2009 21:30 BpMatthias


            I think I finally got the nightly update working again for freshmeat...

            30 Aug 2009 19:41 BpMatthias


            I'm still having troubles getting the nightly update script to actually UPDATE freshmeat using the 3.0 API. The home page always has the updates though. Hopefully I will have this resolved soon...

            02 Dec 2008 21:57 BpMatthias

            DynaStop updates

            I will now be updating DynaStop's config files on a daily basis. DynaStop has proven stable enough so that it has become a critical part of many systems and as such, updates are now critical.

            21 Jan 2008 22:47 BpMatthias

            Using subject filtering with ProcMail

            Here is a recipe that will work well with procmail:

            RCPTDomain=`formail -uTo: | formail -xTo: | cut -d@ -f2`

            RCPTSub=`formail -uSubject: | formail -xSubject:`


            | /usr/exim/DynaStop stdin $RCPTdomain $RCPTSub


            * ^X-DynaStop:.*D[1-3]


            With this recipe at the top of your procmail rc file, Procmail will take advantage of the new Subject filtering feature.


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