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11 Sep 2002 21:11 dunaybd

WorldStation for Tentec 320
I get most of my software free. I'm not really cheap, it just that the free software is soooo good. WorldStation is one of those exceptions. It's commercial software that really is worth paying for. I use it with Linux. Now I have the best radio (TenTec) with the best OS (Linux).
WorldStation does a great job of building a database of your favorite stations with very little effort. Tuning is very easy. Everything exports easily so it can be used in other applications.
Also, they were great when I needed help getting the software going.

29 Oct 2001 14:05 dxtra

ILG Shortwave Database Support Built Into WorldStation 2.0
WorldStation 2.0 has a built-in Dxtra written Xbase driver written in Java that reads the ILG database into memory. The table is sortable using column "drag and drop". Once the database has been read into memory, the user can click on a row to set the frequency in WorldStation.


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