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14 Jul 2009 15:32 grgabor

Another nice-to-see would be to have dvorakng read from stdin to provide a typing exercise.

30 Jun 2009 17:43 grgabor

Thanks for the modifications, i have missed the 'own text file' option in dvorak7min.
Another mods could be:
- to store the last score, or scores for each lesson, and maybe an average also, to see the (hopefully) improvement;
- to let the terminal/the system configuration decide the background and foreground colours - I miss the whitish background with black/dark text.
But, got the vote up :)

10 Nov 2007 21:07 bugmenot

Very nice
This is a great program, and there is only one thing that is missing. When I am typing and I get a letter wrong, it benefits me to know what i just typed instead. Something in the corner that showed the last typed letter would help a lot.

20 Apr 2007 04:59 talineo

Your tools seems great and quite simple to learn dvorak but would you consider adding dvroak-fr and fr-dvorak support ?

21 Mar 2007 07:03 siddug

Good one!
Good utility to learn, i have started with it!

11 Jul 2005 08:18 Nopik

User feedback requested
Since last release (over 2 years) ago I received very little user feedback, and this is the reason for project stagnation. If there is any feature/bug/request I could implement - dont hesitate to contact with me. Also, 20 votes are necessary to get into real ranking system - so please vote :) And if you do not vote for 10, please tell me why the score is lowered, so I can make improvements.

04 Feb 2004 12:47 puggles

This is great.
I'm using this with a DVORAK TouchStream LP, and I finally feel like I'm learning how to touch type on it. I've had it for 6 months, and whenever I need to type a large document I always reach for my QWERTY so that I don't frustrate myself into insanity.

Maybe after a month of using this program, I'll be able to unplug my QWERTY forever. Sweet!

31 Dec 2003 01:52 Nopik

Re: Error signal

> It really needs to DO something when you
> make a mistake, so you don't just get
> stuck without realizing it.

DvorakNG uses standard beep() and flash() curses functions for this. To turn them on invocate dvorak with -b or -f switches respectively (see also --help), or during runtime you can control these switches in configuration menu.

beep() should issue sound alert to your terminal - but exact behaviour depends on your environment, so you may encounter different effect on text tty console and in X terminal (e.g. xterm, konsole, etc.). The same is with flash. My experience shows that flash is better supported - almost any terminal is able to do flashes.

30 Dec 2003 09:03 spiritlover

Error signal
It really needs to DO something when you make a mistake, so you don't just get stuck without realizing it.


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