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DVBStreamer is a console based application for streaming DVB/ATSC service(s) over UDP or to a file. It has a simple plugin architecture to allow more features to be added.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Jun 2008 20:35

    Release Notes: This release is mainly focused on fixing bugs, but 2 new features have also been included. The first is a new traffic monitoring plugin that can display the bandwidth used by different PIDs in the current multiplex. The second is an event framework that allows it to expose internal events such as multiplex changed, service changed, tuner locked/unlocked, and service addition/removal.

    •  12 Dec 2007 18:10

      Release Notes: This release focuses on getting the EPG download and extraction working. As such, it supports ATSC EPG with event descriptions, and now correctly handles timezones other than GMT. Other things to note are the addition of SAP announcements for multicast UDP/RTP, and the ability to select channels/services using their fully qualified DVB ID.

      •  12 Jul 2007 08:33

        Release Notes: This release adds ATSC support and fixes major problems with DVB-S support. Also included are several new plugins for capturing EPG information (both DVB and ATSC) and dumping it out in XMLTV format. -Wall and -Werror compilation switches were turned on, which has meant that several obscure bugs have been picked up. The way connections are handled by the remote control server was rewritten, solving a virtual memory leak. DVB cards that can only stream a portion of the TS are now supported.

        •  02 Apr 2007 16:58

          Release Notes: This release removes the complicated binary comms protocol and introduces a simpler telnet style control interface. Other features include 4 new plugins, logical channel number querying, now and next information, date and time, and an example plugin for extracting a PES from a specified PID. The core of dvbstreamer has also been modified to use a new object-based memory allocation system, to prevent bugs and make finding memory leaks simpler. Initial setup has been made clearer by the inclusion of a new command, setupdvbstreamer, instead of the switches used before.

          •  30 Nov 2006 13:36

            Release Notes: This release has focused on stability over features. As a result, there are just two new commands. The scan command allows a multiplex to be checked for changes to the services and PIDs, and the setsfavsonly command enables streaming of only audio, video, and subtitles (this also rewrites the PMT to only include these elements). A memory leak in the service cache, a 2GB file limit on file output, a service deletion bug in service cache, and lots of other bugs were fixed.


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