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DuhDraw is a program which almost perfectly simulates TheDraw for DOS. Back in the good old BBSing days, TheDraw was a program used by a SysOp in order to draw ANSI screens, the only graphics available on BBSes for quite a while. However, for a long time, nobody considered Linux, as Linux BBSes were uncommon. Other applications of the software include login screens, and mud screens. I always thought it ironic that MUDs were mostly run off of Unix machines, and yet they used DOS editors to generate the ANSI screens.


Recent releases

  •  05 Sep 2002 20:40

    Release Notes: The copy-block command could cause a segmentation fault. This has been corrected.

    •  05 Sep 2002 20:40

      Release Notes: Dead comments and code have been removed. The RPM binaries are in 2.7.5.

      •  05 Sep 2002 06:49

        Release Notes: The copy-block functionality has been reimplemented from scratch. A number of smaller items were cleaned up so the code would compile clean with the -Wall option. Also included is a TODO list, which lists compilation and security issues that need addressing.

        •  04 Sep 2002 17:25

          Release Notes: The code to do block-copies crashes, and has been removed to temporarily stabilize the code while the feature is completely reimplemented.

          •  04 Sep 2002 17:20

            Release Notes: The code has been run though indent.

            Recent comments

            14 Jan 2010 15:17 lgfreitas

            There is any documentation on how to use this program?

            04 Apr 2002 22:38 wls

            Project Notes
            After repeated attempts to contact the author, I discovered that no one has heard from him since 1996 and that this software was abandonware.

            I've been given ownership of the project by Freshmeat and have set up a
            new project page for DuhDraw.

            The new version, which works with GCC 3.0.1 or better is online. DUHDRAW, ANSI, and ANSITOC have all been updated.

            Ignore the prior comment about the patch from earlier today.

            03 Apr 2002 12:08 wls

            Patch to make DuhDraw work on GCC 3.0.3
            I'm trying to contact Ben, but the email in the READ.ME file no longer works.

            I have a
            patch available
            which makes DuhDraw work on GCC 3.0.3.


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