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The goal of the dtfs project is to implement a log-structured file system within the Linux 2.2.x kernels. dtfs has a filesystem-independent core that provides general services required for a log-structured file system and uses a "traditional" file system implementation to do the actual filesystem/VFS operations. The tradtional file system of choice is currently Linux' ext2 file system. Using the ext2 file system together with the log-structured core should both reduce the implementation work required to be done and facilitate the future maintainence of dtfs.


Recent releases

  •  01 Jun 1999 14:36

    Release Notes: dtfs has been ported to Linux 2.2.7. The dtfs utilities now include a very first (but currently non-working) cleaner re-adapted ext2-2.2.5 code for dtfs and the interface has been simplified and cleaned again.


    Project Spotlight


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    Project Spotlight

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