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DSI utilities

The DSI utilities are a mixed collection of classes accumulated during the last ten years in projects developed at the DSI (Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione, i.e., Information Sciences Department) of the UniversitÓ degli Studi di Milano.


Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2012 17:10

    Release Notes: Several methods in Fast now use equivalent methods in Integer/Long or have just been deprecated in favor of their copies, as recent JVMs intrinsify such methods. The Ivy dependency file has been Maven-normalized (there's now a "compile" scope instead of a "build" scope).

    •  24 Feb 2012 17:25

      Release Notes: Better XorshiftStarRandom. A new ByteBufferLongList class. A new Jackknife class. Now the DSI Utilities can be found on Maven Central.

      •  10 Dec 2011 08:50

        Release Notes: Miscellaneous improvements were made. In particular, ByteBufferInputStream now initializes copies lazily, so it can be used to map files of the order of terabytes into memory efficiently.

        •  23 Sep 2011 09:51

          Release Notes: This release adds new permutation methods for big arrays, and a new basic statistics class.

          •  14 Sep 2011 15:08

            Release Notes: This release is part of a parallel release of fastutil, the DSI Utilities, Sux4J, MG4J, WebGraph, etc. which prepares the way for "big" versions, that is, supporting >2^31 entries in arrays (simulated), elements in lists, terms, documents, nodes, etc. It includes some bugfixes, minor improvements, and new big versions of all StringMap-related classes.


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            Project Spotlight

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