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DoubleType is an attempt to make a type designer (font editor) that builds TrueType font files. It is designed with collaborative creation in mind. Unlike other programs that work on a single binary file, DoubleType stores each glyph in a separate text file.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Aug 2008 15:37

    Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused fonts to be monospaced incorrectly. It also includes a sample typeface.

    •  27 Jan 2005 07:15

      Release Notes: This release fixed a bug related to encoding of text embedded in font files the program builds.

      •  17 Dec 2004 09:13

        Release Notes: This release introduces the cubic Bezier curve for contours and conversion between a contour using cubic Bezier curve and quadratic curve.

        •  05 Oct 2004 08:17

          Release Notes: Major bugs related to the metric information in the font output were fixed. Min, max, ascent, and descent are now calculated correctly, and the hdmx (horizontal device metrics) table is no longer misused. There was another bugfix related to UI initialization, which was causing JVM to hang occasionally on startup. New features, including rounding support, interpolation emulation, preview of glyph using the built font, and search text field, were added.

          •  07 Sep 2004 06:00

            Release Notes: The focus of this release is improvement of the UI. Move and pick actions were consolidated into one. The program remembers the last location of the typeface file. A context sensitive menu was added, which displays link to available tasks depending on the selected object. Wallpaper can be moved vertically as well as horizontally.

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