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DOM Tooltip allows developers to add customized tooltips to Web pages. The tooltips are controlled through style class definitions and respond to events such as "mouseover", and avoids possible collisions with form elements such as select boxes and screen edges. While originally designed to create context tooltips, it is also possible to create a wide variety of dynamic layers, such as embedded windows, context menus, and hidden blocks. Additional features include sticky tips, tooltip fading, lifetime, relative positioning, class assignments, width adjustments, mouse dragging, captions, directionality, offset adjustments, adjustable activate/deactivate delay times, snapping to grid, fate adjustment (hide or destroy), and references to created tips. It supports Mozilla/Netscape6+, IE 5.5+, IE on Mac, Safari, Konqueror, and Opera 7.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Jul 2005 20:19

    Release Notes: This release fixes edge detection in IE, a problem where tooltips disabled links and buttons on the page, and a wrapping problem in Opera and IE. The conflicting prototype function clone() has been removed. Changed to new fading library to improve support for Safari. A HOWTO reference document has been added. The license has changed to Apache 2.0.

    •  13 Nov 2004 08:19

      Release Notes: Support was added for the Mac browsers, Safari and IE. Detection of standards compliance mode now allows for screen offsets to be calculated correctly regardless of DOCTYPE definition. Several long-standing bugs and JavaScript errors were corrected.

      •  15 Feb 2003 05:23

        Release Notes: A major code revision was made, resulting in a smaller and faster library. Fading is now more efficient and is handled by an external class. All tooltip information is now stored in a global hash rather than as DOM node attributes. Tooltip trailing (following mouse movements) is now significantly faster and follows the mouse perfectly on most computers.

        •  10 Feb 2003 06:55

          Release Notes: This version fixes major crashes in IE 5.0 (it cannot use delays since setTimeout is buggy), fixes a hideList error in all browsers, and fixes a bug on example10.html when using a popup.

          •  09 Feb 2003 12:02

            Release Notes: This version fixes a scroll offset problem when IE is in compatibility mode, and a problem where the select box detection nixed the element inside the tooltip.

            Recent comments

            27 Apr 2007 01:51 abhishekshukla

            getting hash error
            Hello friends,

            Just now implemented the js library inside my code but m getting following error-

            Hash is not a constructor

            domTT_activate(a#__autoId1 index.html, mouseover clientX=0, clientY=0)domTT.js (line 236)

            [Break on this error] 'lazy', false

            please let me know if i can do nthing to resolve the following error


            06 Jan 2007 12:43 anaesthetic

            Ie Issue
            I'm using this script and it's turned out pretty neat. I'm having one issue, however. While firefox displays the tooltips which "hug" the text (tired - can't think of the correct term) to tooltip extends the rest of the width of the page in IE.

            For example -


            I'm not sure where the problem lies as I copied the code exactly from one of the example pages (and it works fine on the example page?)

            It's probably something simple which I'm overlooking but any light on the subject would be nice. (=

            23 Mar 2006 08:06 OBCENEIKON

            Form Elements in IE
            I am using your FANTASTIC script on my site. I have a very complex form with many elements, and in IE 6, when the tooltip is moved over an intruding element, the script does its job and hides the element, but upon moving the tooltip off the element, the element stays hidden.

            Any ideas?

            If you need to see it in action the url is, you will need to do a search in order to have an item display a tooltip.

            16 Jul 2005 21:38 mojavelinux

            Re: HTMLArea and DOMTT
            This problem is likely solved in 0.7.1. Previous versions were using a prototype on the top level Object that was conflicting with many other third party libraries. This custom prototype has been removed.

            14 Jun 2005 07:12 epeeist

            Object errors
            I have been creating a site with a number of images on giving the status of a process. A typical line in the page looks like:


            <a href="migration.cgi?rm=siteDetails&site_location_id=1081"

            onmouseover="return makeTrue(domTT_activate(this, event, 'caption', 'Migration Scheduling', 'content', 'This site is due to migrate on 26/05/2005', 'trail', true));">

            <img src="" />



            This works in Firefox and IE 6.0, but gives me an object error in IE 5.5. Any clues where to look would be appreciated.


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